Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I *just* took pictures of these a few minutes ago.  They've been on since either Wednesday or Thursday night (I can't even remember!).
 They are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects appliques in "Hard Wired," from the Halloween collection.
 These lovely macro pictures really show my ridges!!  They don't look nearly so ridge-y in real life.
Aside from a few small nicks and some fairly minor tip wear, I'd say they are doing ah-may-zing for being on day 5 or 6 or whatever.  I've learned - the hard way - not to put base under them.  Granted, with the last set I used Gelous underneath and that was just a horrible decision all around.  Gelous never did well for me as a base!  In any case, the silver spiderwebs started chipping badly within a day or two.  :(  I've also learned that a couple of my fingers give me trouble with a perfect fit.  For those, all I have to do is carefully trim the stickers just a bit and that does the trick really well.

4 dizzy comments:

Awesome! I love it!

LOL! I love the barbed-wire look! Good to know about the underwear :0)

This is such a fun combo!

So pretty

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