Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

The other day I was thinking about my favorite vampy colors, and I remembered Dior Purple Revolution.

I was looking for it on my blog, here, but couldn't find it. What the heck?

I forgot all about it but then remembered again tonight. I searched through old photo albums and finally found it! Along with it, I found this situation that you are looking at right now.

What is it, you ask? Milani Blue Flash topped with Sephora by OPI Flurry Up!

This is from December of last year!! Oh me. Oh my. I do not know what happened that I forgot to post this before. (As an aside, I did search fairly good for this and also the Dior Purple Revolution mani on DizzyNails, with no luck - but if by some crazy chance they already got posted and I just couldn't find them, then consider this just a beautiful encore!)

How cute is this?! Seriously. So cute.

Oh, you wanted to see that Dior I was talking about? The one that I love so very much? Here she is.

Two utterly glorious coats of Dior Purple Revolution 906.

It practically applied itself, and look how pretty it is!!

Almost black, I know. A weakness of mine. I believe, if my memory serves me right, that this was a Sephora exclusive color from last winter.

Remember Wet 'N Wild Blitzen from last winter? Oh, you don't? Well, it was super cute, so I put it over the Dior. Here it is!

The blinginess here borders on obnoxious.

And my wee little baby nubs. I kind of miss them, honestly.

I always feel like my long-ish nails get in the way. But I suppose there are good things and bad things about having long and short nails.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this random little blast from the past!

9 dizzy comments:

LOVE that Dior color, especially with the glitter on top!

These are both so full of WIN!

Thank you, Minty!

The last combo with Dior and WnW is pure awesomeness!

Oh its look gorgeous.. when I have short nails I like to think thats good because I'm saving more nail polish lol

Love the milani mani! I bet you had fun taking all that glitter off!! haha

Wow... glitter overload! Love it :-)

I love your vampy one! kind of chocolately/re/brwon...yummy!

I tagged you "where do I store my cosmetics?"

that milani combo is insanely pretty

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