Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here are the newly glorious nubs! I wanted them to feel super fabulous, so I picked Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop for them.

I used two coats and it is shown without top coat here.

For being so glitter-packed, it is actually rather well-behaved in application.

The hardest part of application, as you may imagine, is being mindful of the tips, where the larger glitter pieces like to hang halfway off the ends. :)

When that happens, I usually take the end of my small nail file and just gently push them all the way onto the nail.

Candy Shop definitely makes me happy, even if it feels like it's missing some beloved square glitters.

I decided to mattify it! I used a coat of Gelous, a coat of Poshe, and then a coat of Essie Matte About You.

They are quite smooth and even.

The overall effect is somewhat matte yet shiny all at the same time.

I did end up with some shrink at the tips, which you don't see in these "fresh" photos. I think it was probably inevitable, since the base formula of the pink polish is a jelly. I can live with it, though. It's really quite minor.

Well, originally I had planned to get Candy Shop and Forget You (which is my current pedi) when then came out separately. When I saw the Lippmann "Get This Party Started" trio set at Nordstrom last week, I kind of caved. I'm a sucker for those "value of" signs!! Makes me feel like I am saving money somehow. :)

14 dizzy comments:

Wow, that is for sure glitter-packed! Deborah means serious business with her glitter polishes. Love the matte look, too!

Hmm, I really want to like this but I don't. I wish the glitter was less dense, it looks a little chunky to me.

Such a fun mani! I want to make cake pops now (:

This looks SO CUTE on your nubs!

so cute!

Your nails still look long even though they are short! You have great nail beds!

Wow! I am not a pink fan OR Happy Birthday fan but this one is interesting. It reminds me of a crazy gumball or something though I don't know why. I think I actually like it...A Lot!

oh wow! that polish is soooo freaking pretty!
i love how packed the glitter is!

<3 BB

so cute!!

Ohh, I absolutely need this polish. So beautiful!


I like this!!! Cute!

Isn't this a total drama to remove? :D

Amandina Kitty - great question! I'm going to say no because I normally use a plastic tub/pot filled with acetone and plastic scrubbing bristles that I get from Target. There's a hole in the middle that you stick a finger into and rub the nail up against the bristles while its submerged in acetone. Make glitter removal quite easy! There are others like it on the market but I find that they usually have a sponge inside and that makes glitter removal much tougher. I hope this helps! :)

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