Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This mani is straight off of MUA's Nail Board. Nail Board rocks!!!

Two lovely girls (nrahman1993 and MeganChair) came up with this combination of polishes, so a huge shout out to them for their genius! :)

I started with a coat of the purplelicious jelly wonder that is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Pizazz.

Then I added a coat of OPI Last Friday Night.

Next, another coat of Purple Pizazz.

Then, a coat of the magical Clarins 230.

I finished with two coats of Poshe (it wasn't drying fast enough with one).

I had, much to my relief and joy, NO VNL at the tips!!! Hooray!

I hate when the tips shrink back when I'm wearing jelly polishes. *shudder*

The picture above is one of my favorites, shown in a bit of shade outdoors.

I wasn't able to capture the uber cool green shimmer of Clarins 230, but it did show itself on special occasions for me.

If you don't own Clarins 230, don't despair! This combo looks really rad even just with Purple Pizazz and Last Friday Night - I promise!

I definitely think I'll be trying more jelly/shimmer/glitter combinations in the near future.

I really love how this looks and wearing it has made me so happy!

What has been one of your favorite manis or combinations you've worn lately? :)

I leave you with another favorite, last picture. ZOMG rainbow in my bottle!

10 dizzy comments:

Oh my gosh, one of the best and most epic layering I've seen yet! LOVE so very much.

neat! reminds me of UD Toxin even, from photos I've seen. :)

This is absolute genius! I must try this since I have all the colors :D Thanks for sharing!

Hallo.. I would like to know where you buy these? I´m from Denmark and we done have it here but oh my god its lovely <3

Nicole - thanks! It is kind of freakishly amazing, no? ;) I'm so glad I caught wind of it so I could have the joy of wearing such beautiful polishes together.

justasachildof10mightact - yes, you are right, I believe! I don't own Toxin, but sure hope to someday soon.

Yami - yes, you should! It's so pretty in person you can't stop looking at it!

Pernille - hi!! I bought the Sally Hansen Purple Pizazz from a drug store (pharmacy), I believe. They are pretty easy to find here in the States. The OPI I got from a cosmetics store called Ulta. And the hard one is the Clarins 230. It's discontinued and not easy to get anymore. I paid a pretty penny for it on Ebay. I hope this helps!!

beautiful shots, really love the sunny feeling in your photos and your nails are fabulous! thanks for sharing.


Lesley - thank you so much! :) I don't mind at all!

I have "Purple Pizzazz" and Sinful Colors' "Hottie", maybe I could replicate this! I LOVE the drowned look of glitters under a jelly ♥ ♥

No Clarins n. 230, though :D

Gorgeous layering! I love this <3

Amazing layering!!!!

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