Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I'm still wearing this and it's been two full days! That is great for me, for Chanel, I must say.

Thanks to audraelena from MUA for the stamping idea here! This is two coats of Graphite, stamped with Konad plate m63, using Konad Special Black polish. I used Poshe for my top coats.

Also, everything is holding up so well that I fully expect to get through another day as well. We'll see, though. Hopefully I don't jinx myself (not that I'm actually superstitious).

That's my right hand, above. I think I might like the stamping on it better than my left hand, which is in all of the other pictures. I definitely still feel rusty about stamping, but I'm glad to be getting back to it.

Don't mind the thumb above. I promise that it actually does not look crazy or mis-matched in person!

I love this last picture because it shows off the more golden side of Graphite. It is such a pretty and complex color! There is a hint of rainbowiness in the shimmer and also I swear I saw little twinkly blue bits that are the same as the ones in Illusion D'Or! Sadly, my pictures don't seem to show this at all.

9 dizzy comments:

so shiny and swirly! love!


so beautiful,,, gorgeous color ,,,

This is so lovely :D


This looks great! The design kinda looks like a waater marbling effect:)

i love this! you do the best stamping!!!!

<3 BB

This is really pretty I like the color a lot too! I cant believe that is a week it looks great to me!(:

Such a pretty, pretty manicure. And to last so well for seven days? My little eyeballs are popping. :D

I neeeeed Graphite!

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