Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here I started with three coats of OPI Obscure. Obscure is a matte mini polish from Halloween 2010. This first picture is the only one shown without top coat, so you can see the matte effect.

I used Konad plate m73 and Chanel Peridot for stamping.

I really liked how it looked with the black matte, but was sure I would scratch the life out of it in no time at all, so I added top coat!

I've got to say, these dreary, drizzly day pictures aren't doing anything for Peridot!

I'm not sure what possessed me to pick up my stamping supplies and go at it, after such a long stamping hiatus. I'm super glad that I did, though! Probably the tape mani got me wanting more nail art! :)

Since I think it looks better in the indoor, fluorescent light, I'll leave you with one last picture from those.

I'll let you be the judge!

32 dizzy comments:

This looks just awesome!

Oh my, I think this is the best Konad pattern/color combo I have ever seen. I love it!

WOW! This is really awesome. I love how the first picture has the matte black tips.

I love this mani!! Your pictures look great :)

Wow, I love this! I love the colour combination and the image itself is gorgeous!

That is so gorgeous! This may be the most gorgeous stamping manicure I've ever seen.

I love this! I have this stamp and never know what to do with it. haha

i love this! and i have that plate! love it

Oh my goodness you used my suggestion! I'm seriously contemplating getting some stuff from Konad because this makes Peridot alone look.... not as fantastic haha. The matte black was a great choice for this mani- I love it!

nice! I still haven't gotten the hang of full nail stamping, I did one the other day and royaly screwed it up! :(

OMG I love this!! Love the pattern, love the colors... love that you left black tips... :D

Wow this is gorgeous! I love the colors and the design!

This. Is. So. Awesome!! And I can't believe how well Peridot works for stamping!

These look AMAZING!

That is crazy gorgeous.

this mani is so awsome, i love how its not like "girly"

<3 BB

really impressed with how great this looks.

This is AWESOME! *_* I love everything about it! Stunning! :)

This looks absolutely beautiful!

Thank you SO much to everyone that has left a comment here! I am super happy that this mani is such a hit! :)

Pretty awesome!!!

OMG! I didn't know Peridot was working like that for stamping! It's definitvely a must-have!
Thanks for this great post!

Maybe the best combination of colours and pattern for a stamped manicure I've ever seen!

So dope! How did you create that pattern?

Bhoranie - thanks! I used konad stamping supplies and plate m73. It's hard to explain the stamping if you're not familiar with it, but if you just search youtube for konad stamping or nail art stamping, you can watch videos and it will make more sense. :)

Oh MY HEAVEN. THIS IS BEYOND WORDS GPRGEOUS! I think my husband bought this shade for me for my birthday... Fingers crossed. It stamps!!!?! Beautiful!!! I'm literally floored by your lovely manicure!

how many coats of peridot did you put on the stamp? when i try it it seems too light and flakes a little.

la mala - I only used one. Maybe you need to work faster? Or scrape lighter? I'm not sure what the problem is, honestly. :(

That's okay, I'll just keep practicing. Love the site and thanks for the response :)

So gorgeous! I got peridot recently and after I saw this I ordered that stamping plate from Amazon and am about to do my nails! Feel a little guilty with using such an expensive polish for stamping though... I guess it doesn't use more polish than a normal mani though! Gonna try it over OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark (very dark plum) :)

Ana - thank you!!! I'm excited for you. I hope you love it like I do. And yeah, you're right, you probably use less by stamping (no multiple coats and whatnot). The combo you are using sounds like it will be super gorgeous!

OBSESSED! this manicure is the reason why i finally broke down and bought some konad plates! will be try to recreate this in the near future! love it.

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