Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This was from a couple of days ago. I had put it on, kind of in a hurry, late at night. I might not have added the Crackle except that there was this weird little piece of nail sticking up from out of the middle of the polish on my one thumb nail. I had to cover it somehow!

I used two coats of $OPI My Personal Serpent and then cracked it with China Glaze Medallion Crackle. My Personal Serpent is very opaque and I think I could have done just one coat had I been more careful.

I did not wait very long at all before putting the Crackle over (and didn't use top coat over My Personal Serpent), and it was kind of an interesting experiment!

Some of the cracks were epic and the most beautiful I've ever had - most, in fact! A few were really lame, though (like my pinky here).

It was a worthy experiment, in any case. I know I've heard from many that metallic/shimmery Crackles/Shatters work better for them over wet polish. Seems like it could be true for me, as well!

4 dizzy comments:

I like this crackle design, especially color combination! I'm your new follower and I'll apreciate when you check my blo too. Good luck!

I always have troubles getting my crackles to crack nicely as well.
Nevertheless, Love your mani! ...as always :D

Great combo!!
I love it!

Love your whole Blog...I went back to 2 years ago!!!! Thanks for all the pics and tips, Emily

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