Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This is three coats of Estessimo TiNS The Relax Mint.

The Relax Mint is a beautiful minty aqua golden shimmer loaded with holographic glitter.

Did you get all that? Minty aqua. Golden shimmer (tons!). Lots of holographic and silver glitter. It's crazy!!

I needed a little bit of extra magic the other day, so I felt it was only appropriate to bust out a TiNS polish. TiNS do not disappoint, my friend.

This last picture is one I took just after painting them. I was holding a bottle of OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel.

15 dizzy comments:

This is beautiful!! I don't think that I've ever seen a polish like it. Thank you for sharing!
~ Nicole

Gorgeous! I love the color and it looks great layered with the glitter too. So pretty! :)

Nicole - isn't it really unique and lovely? I am head over heels for TiNS!

Liz - thanks! It's just one polish, can you believe that? :)

Wowsa! Where do you buy that gorgeous polish? I could seriously drool over a silver/holo/golden minty green..woops, too late :0P'

Gottwinkies - I bought it (and others) from a site called DollUpNails. :)

Ahhh I love this!

love the glitter on this gorg!

<3 BB

Argh, I always have to add to my lust list after visiting your site. This is amazing, where did you get it??

Oh never seen that polish before. So pretty, sure is magic in a bottle. :)

It's really beautiful, more reasons to love TiNS polishes!!!

Thanks, everyone! :)

Anita - I ordered all my TiNS from a site called DollUpNails. If I am ever lucky enough to travel to Asia, they better watch out! I'll be taking all the TiNS home with me, then, for sure!!

That is a beautiful color. It reminds me of a winter wonderland or something, lol. (:

This is so super pretty!!! LOVE!!! <3

So very pretty!

I love that color and the way it sparkles!!

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