Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I recently bought several styles of the new (to the U.S.) Essence Studio Nails Nail Fashion Stickers. I'm pretty much a sucker (and a psycho) for anything Essence. I tried them out this past weekend but did not have luck in the end. Here is a quick picture I took.

Whatever is wrong, you might be wondering!? They look so cute! And nicely applied! Yes, it's true. They are super cute and the application is excellent. The PROBLEM is that the largest sticker isn't nearly wide enough for my thumb nails! I did not take a picture of this (but should have, for laughs).

I tried to think of a way to shift it or cut pieces off of other stickers and make it work somehow, but eventually came to the realization that it just wasn't going to work for me. The kind ladies on MUA suggested that I could use them still and just paint my thumb nails black. That's a great idea, actually! I may end up doing that if I decide to keep the other packs I bought. It kind of defeats the purpose of not having to paint your nails and wait for them to dry and all that stuff, though. :(

If you have wee little nails, or just don't have big man hands like I do, these could work for you. I've also gathered that they do not stay on very long - so it would probably be a one shot day long kind of deal. Still fun and cute and cheap.

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Aw, you did a very good job of puttiing them on. Like it was said paint your thumb black and place the sticker try to make it look like a design :)

I haven't seen these yet at my Ulta I go to.

They ARE pretty! Oh don't you hate when something like that doesn't work size-wise though? I bought some fake nails once, one of those packs of 100 with something like 13 different sizes. All but FOUR of the sizes were way too big even for my thumb. That sucked. I have the opposite problem from you! haha

Good to know. BEcause these babies are $10 at CVS and I have been just restraining from spending the money. I naturally have very wide nails, esp my THUMB nail and I assume itd never fit. But would be such a cute look just on your ring finger, maybe with black polish on the rest?

Ow too bad! they look so cute and pretty on you! But then it really sucks when it just doesn't fit on all the nails.. :( but still.. I like your eumh.. 4 nails ;)

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