Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

It's day six of my wear of the Sally Hansen appliques in the Cut It Out design. They looked a little shabby this morning, starting to crack just a little in some areas, so I decided to spruce them up with some bloody jelly-licious OPI Red Shatter.

I wasn't sure if the Shatter would crack well if I put it straight on the appliques, so I painted on a coat of CND effects in Silver Sparkling first. It's very subtle. Then, a coat of Red Shatter. Then, a coat of Gelous, followed by Seche Vite.

I really like how it turned out! I unintentionally did thinner coats of Shatter on my right hand, and it shattered more, but with slightly smaller spaces in between. Since I did thicker coats on the left hand (as seen in the first two pictures above), the cracks are bigger, but the red doesn't look quite as piece-y.

Above is a picture of my oft neglected right hand, to show the difference in how it shattered. I like both, honestly! I can't say which I like better. I have to tell you, I really ridiculously love the jelly shatters. And I love this bloody lookin' crazy manicure. :)

On an only slightly related note, I just ordered Tarte True Blood makeup from sephora.com. I'm so excited!!!! I am getting the palette and the lip tint. I may or may not get the cheek tint, since I tend to prefer powder blushes. But YAY Tarte and YAY True Blood!!!

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ooooo freaky!
im waiting for their sale at the end of the year.. hope its gonna be 40% off again!

Oooh! I really like this! looks super good!

I love this mani(:
so niceeee

Please check out my blog,

This is awesome! Reminds me of Dexter :]

True Blood! <3 I will definitely be sporting Zoya Sookie on Sunday :D

holy H! thats amazing!

Thanks to everyone for the comments!!

BeautyBehaved - I did, and it's very nice! :)

Possibly one of my faves of yours! There's so many different things going on, and I love it! I'm considering buying both cause it looks so amazing- also the red shatter is by far the easiest to apply. I'm a huge fan and I look here several days a week for new ideas!

Also I just got the most amazing polish, the Chanel Peridot polish... I'm not sure if you take suggestions (sorry :O) but ugh I LOVE it cause it's a duochrome... it looks like heat-treated metal, you know when it's all rainbow-y? It's something I could see you liking- so expensive but so worth it! I can't stop staring at it haha :)

Erica - thanks so much! I'm glad you love this! I really did, too. I'm more than happy to take suggestions and as a matter of fact I bought the Chanel Peridot and Graphite just two days ago! I kind of think Peridot might not look awesome on me because of my skin tone, but it's so pretty, and it's the namesake of my birthstone, so I decided to splurge. You know me, I'll wear anything (even if it doesn't flatter my skin). :)

Thank you for responding! To be quite honest it does nothing for my skin tone either, but there has to be someone to test out all the colors I'm afraid to buy- cause when you put a glitter topcoat over any color I kinda instantly love it :) You're the fearless risk taker for us nail polish lovers. I'd love to see Graphite in a post as well- I love the way Chanel polishes apply so now I want more! I'll be picking one up this weekend.

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