Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I recently found a really pretty mood polish at Claire's. It looked blurple with a blue shimmer in the bottle. I had to have it! It's called Relaxed/Hyper.

I used three coats here, and topped it with one coat of Paul & Joe 014.

Well, the Relaxed/Hyper looks totally different on my nails, as compared to the bottle. It's more turquoise into cobalt. Still very pretty, but no lovely blurple to be found!

The Paul & Joe glitter is really fun because it has sort of pastel multi-colored glitter. I'm not sure if it's scented like the other P&J I've worn before. I have a major head cold and cannot smell.

The long nails are officially driving me crazy! I'm definitely going to have to shape them and take off a wee bit of length tonight.

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so prety together(:

BLUEE! I love this combo!

P.S. I gave you a blog award! http://hautelacquer.blogspot.com/2011/06/sunshine-award.html

BeautyBehaved - thank you!

Minty - glad you enjoy it! Thank you soooo much for the award! I really appreciate it.

This is really pretty! I think the reason why the china glaze crackle didn't work is because if you put on a thick coat, it doesn't crackle very well as a thin coat. I have experimented with this alot! It happens to me all the time. I have to thin out my crackle and then do a thin coat. Another thing is, you have to wait till your nail polish is completly dry before you crackle it or it will have the same effect as it having a thick coat because the semi wet polish and the crackle polish stick together and it cause the crackle polish not to crackle like it's suppose to. I hope this helps:)!
Happy Polishing,
Hannah J

pretty! i might hve to get my own shatter :s


new follower :)


Hannah J - thanks for taking the time to help a girl out! :) I don't think it was the thickness or thinness of my coat, because I applied them all the same...but I suppose it could be possible that the two that did crack were unintentionally thinner coats. And I also don't think the Crackle needed to be thinned, only because it had a really thin texture already and was brand new....but maybe. I definitely think the SV not being dry enough could be the culprit here! :/ Darn my impatience. Thanks again for all the great input! I really appreciate it.

nails by kate vergara - welcome! I think you should definitely get a Shatter. It's so much fun!!

did the glitter impair the colour changing affect?

Amandina Kitty - no, I don't believe it did. I have to say I just did a poor job capturing the color change in photos. It looked more gradient and noticeable in real life (although the glitter did hide it a tiny bit). :/

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