Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Now I am wearing three coats of Essence Irreplaceable. It's one of the newer polishes to show up in the Essence core line at Ulta stores.

This polish has a gorgeous glass-flecked shimmer that is iridescent gold with a subtle green twist.

I was Ooo-ing and Aah-ing when I first picked up the bottle.

I'm really not loving this on me, though. Next to my skin, it just looks "off" somehow. Too warm, too drab, too blah - I can't quite put my finger on it yet.

I'm hoping that it grows on me, in any case.

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I was just thinking how great it looked on you. Sometimes colors just don't work unfortunately. It's super pretty though and your pics did a great job of picking up that green twist.

I saw this one too, and I instantly wanted it. They did have swatches on a nail wheel next to it, and it didn't look good on my nails either. I ended up passing on it because of that. :(

Looks like sands! ehehe I like it

Aaah!! So pretty!! To bad I'm on a no-buy from now until September.

oooh i love this. so pretty. the finish is nice

I got this one too! I have yet to try it though. It seemed interesting in the bottle but yeah, swatch seems kinda meh imo.

Anita - thank you so much! That means a lot. :)

StardustStephanie - total bummer, huh?

Julia - yes! It reminds me of the beach and sand, totally!

Danica - I'm so sorry! I know there are several Ultas in my area and they do not all have the same stuff. The one close to my home is pretty up to date with Essence but the one by where I work is waaay far behind with old stuff. It's really random and can be frustrating, I know. :( I hope you find it soon!

Poetic Realist - good luck to you! I've never tried to do a no-buy, so I commend you as I'm sure it can be very difficult.

Pretty - thanks! Yes, it's super cool and the finish is so lovely!

Eileen - Yay! Maybe you can come with a pretty layering combo for it?

I think this looks amazing on you!

Danica - hooray!! I need to see if I can find the magnetics, too!

Nailtastic - thank you very much! I appreciate that. :)

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