Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I'm being a big nerd here, but it's nearly time for True Blood! Of course, I am wearing Zoya Sooki.

Sooki pretty much blew me away. It applied perfectly and was opaque in just one coat! I did go ahead and do a second coat, though, just to be sure. On me, it's a neutral-leaning-warm classic bright red creme.

I was kind of scared to wear it on its own, so I added a layer of KleanColor V.I.P., which seemed fitting.

I have to say, I love these pictures very much, but actually wearing it in real life, it's kind of freaking me out. I just don't think I like red on my long-ish nails.

V.I.P. reminds me of Revlon Slipper. Remember that one?

So who else is wearing Sooki right now? 'Fess up! :)

Let's hope it's a great first show for season four!

2 dizzy comments:

I love it! Very summer-ish :)
btw, I tagged you in the sunshine award in my blog, check it out :D

likeee ALOT!

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