Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Right now I'm wearing Misa Fountain of Youth. It's likely coming off later today, but it's had a pretty good run!

You'll have to pardon my junky application. I had put this on really, really late at night and was super tired.

This is three coats. It's a shimmery soft, sheer mint green.

It reads a little frosty on the nail, but I still find it to be beautiful and not overly obnoxious.

Application and wear is great. You do need to be somewhat careful when applying, to avoid brushstrokes.

I really like having this in my collection. It's different from every other mint (mostly cremes) I have! It's an ethereal beauty and reminds me very much of an old and dearly beloved cream eyeshadow I used ages ago.

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Nice colour.

Such a pretty color!!! I want it :P

Hi. I was wondering if you know any online stores that ship worldwide and stock Misa? There are a few shades I'm looking for and, one in particular, I just can't get in Australia, not even from eBay.

Nadia-Francina - I don't know of any off hand, no. Sorry! Maybe try contacting the company by e-mail and see if they can tell you if there are any? Best of luck!

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