Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Dear readers, are you wondering why I haven't posted very much over the past four days? If you guessed Sally Hansen appliques (sorry, I cannot for the life of me get the proper accent mark to show over that "e!"), then you are spot on!

This is the "Cut It Out" design. I put them on Thursday night. I took these pictures on Saturday morning, but truthfully, they look nearly exactly the same right now.

This is only my second time wearing these, but I got such good wear out of them the last time around (five days), I figured I'd give it a go again. And the allure of not having to wait for polish to dry, late last Thursday night, was too great to resist!

I have the urge to color these designs in with Sharpie markers.

6 dizzy comments:

you should! at least try and see what it looks like before you take it off...=P

color them in. do it. haha!

Haha, I was so thinking the same thing about coloring them in when I saw the first picture.

You totally should color them in! They do look quite nice as-is, but adding a little bit of color could be really awesome. :)

cute i like them!

Oooooh fun nails!! It's like you painted them all white and let me doodle all over them, puahahhaa :D

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