Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Well, folks, I survived a fairly uneventful New Year's Eve at my house, doing mostly nothing. :) Oh - I did do MY NAILS. Here they are!

It's two coats of OPI DS Radiance (basic silver foil) with two coats of Milani Jewel FX Silver. I got the Milani off Cherry Culture. I haven't seen it anywhere in person.

I've seen some others do a similar variation with the gold glitter version and it has looked way more smooth and perfect and amazing. I ask myself why?

I think they must have used a toothpick to place some of the glitter pieces, because mine certainly didn't want to smoothly, evenly, perfectly coat the nail.

In any case, for a lazy application with no tricks or fuss, it still looks pretty sweet! When I look down at it, it kind of reminds me of a hammered metal effect. Very cool!

I used two top coats over it all and it's actually not too bumpy feeling. It's by no means glass smooth, but it's smoother than you'd think by just looking at it.

I'm starting to think I might need another short break from glitter after this one. ;)

I hope you all have a good day and aren't too messed up from last night. :)

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First of all Happy New Year!
Then now back to the nailpolish, I think it is great that it is not smooth, because it catch alot of light from different angles which is great! Perfect for a event like New Years Eve, even when it is eventless ;) I hope you had a nice night anyway.

Wow, that's a lot of glitter! XD I've never seen this one in person either, just the gold. Though, I have a no brand 'snow man' polish that looks just like it!

This is so beautiful! I have the Milani Jewel Fx in Gems and haven't tried it yet. Now that I have seen this post - I am dying to get the others!!

Looks like a disco ball! Stunning. You make me regret not buying this :/

Whoa. It's so shiny, but I can't look away :) Textbook definition of awesome.

That is a LOT of sparkle! I like it :P

Just checked Cherry Culture, I want the whole set, but Gems is sold out :-( Hope it will soon be available so I can get my glitterloving hands on them!!!!

whoa! go on with your disco ball self - awesome!

I love it.

i love it :)

Thanks for giving me some tips on this one, uhmm well i guess ill post something related to this on my blog and ill definitely give you credit for that :) Good luck and happy blogging

these pics are AMAZING!! I have the gold version of this polish, but now I want the silver too lol.

i love this polish but never can remove it from my mails again. how do you get rid off it?? any advices?

Anonymous - It is a pain to get off, no doubt. What I did was use the "tinfoil method." I took cotton rounds and cut them in half. Then I took cooking tinfoil and cut it into ten pieces about 3 inches by 2 inches or so. Next, I soaked a cotton round half in polish remover, applied it directly on top of one of my nails, and proceeded to wrap up the entire finger tip with the piece of tin foil. You want it fairly snug but if you make it too tight the foil will rip. I did that with all five fingers on one hand and let them sit for about 10 minutes. After that, I unwrapped each finger, one by one, and then pressed down tight and slid off each piece of cotton. The whole mess comes off quite easily that way! Then just repeat with the other hand. (It's a little tricky to do all ten fingers at once.) :)

thanks for the quick answer :) i guess there is no quick way to get it off..takes longer than put the polish on. thank you though!

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