Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I got some nail wheels recently so I could do swatches easier. I sort of loathe swatching. This is my Dear Laura pa collection as well as some LA Splash glitters and another random polish or two. All of the large shaped glitters you will see I put in place using a toothpick.

These are all pas, shown over two coats of Wet 'N Wild Black Pearl. From left to right, 16. is AA36, 17. is Q9, 18. is Eternal END-202 (not technically a pa, but owned by Dear Laura), and 1. is AA01 (lookie at the dolphin glitter!).

Continuing from left to right, 6. is AA10, 7. is AA12, 8. is AA21, and 9. is AA23.

2. is AA03, 3. is AA05, 4. is AA06, and 5. is AA09. I recently did my BFF's pedi using AA03 (the 2 nail) over SH HD Laser, a rich cobalt shimmer duochrome - it is amazing and so cute!!

10. is AA24, 11. is AA25, 12. is AA26, and 13. is AA29.

14. is AA34, 15. is AA35, 16. is AA36, and 17. is Q9.

18. is Eternal END-202, 1. is AA01, 2. is AA03, and 3. is AA05. There's some repetition here, sorry about that. Just enjoy the pretties! :)

Okay, different wheel here. All of these are three coats of polish. 8 and 14-16 are shown as one coat over two coats of Wet 'N Wild Black Pearl. From left to right, 5. is A24 (gorgeous golden shimmer here), 6. is A32, 7. is A38 and 8. is A44 (again, just one coat of polish over black).

1. is A06, 2. is A07, 3. is A19, and 4. is A20. In person, A19 looks to have a twinge of orange, which is a bit of a bummer for me since I was hoping for a true neutral jelly red.

9. is A72, 10. is A95 (tiny shimmer flakies!), 11. is A96, and 12. is A104.

13. is A105, 14. is A121 over black, 15. is A125 over black, and 16. is A126 also over black.

17. is A133, 18. is A134, 1. is A06, and 2. is A07. I'm in love with the blue and the green with their icy shimmer!

Now onto the third and last wheel. This wheel is primarily LA Splash polishes. I got some off of Cherry Culture and some I bought from Ulta. They are all three coats. From left to right, 6. is Sparkling Seaweed, 7. is Sparkling Ocean Spray, 8. is Sparkling Stratosphere, and 9. is Pretty Jellyfish.

10. is Embelished (or Embellshed - hard to tell from the label, either way spelled wrong!) and looks to be a close dupe to a Massini - Purple Medallion, I believe. 11. is Sparkling Wave, 12. is Wonderland (this one smelled horrific), and 13. is Kanebo T'estimo BU-26 (my one and only from that brand).

2. is Sparkling Whale Tale (love this name!), 3. is Sparkling Torpedo, 4. is Sparkling Seahorse, and 5. is Tailscales.

1. is Starfish Silver (silver and yes, black glitter!), 2. is Sparkling Whale Tale, 3. is Sparkling Torpedo, and 4. is Sparkling Seahorse.

Lots of "Sparkling" names with the LA Splash polishes! I think they will look even more amazing with topcoat over, as some of them dried a bit dull on their own. Too bad the pa polishes don't even have real names. Harumph!!

Oh - I have another LA Splash polish. I didn't swatch it on the wheel but I'm pretty sure it was in a previous post. It was sea foam green with gold glitter. Remember?

In any case, I hope you enjoyed the wheel swatches! I knew it would take me forever to try these all on and I don't have the time or heart to swatch them all - can you imagine with all the glitter!? I am amazed at those who do. Just swatching these on wheels took a long time and got me pretty dizzy from fumes!

This is my lovely lady, Varekai. She's our older Borzoi. I call her "Moopy," "Moo," "Moopa," "Moopa-Star," "Moopa-kai," and other ridiculous variations most of the time.

6 dizzy comments:

I just 'color-wheeled' my whole nail polish collection (not terribly big yet) and I use the wheels all the time to pick out my next mani
So great so you dont have to swatch them all on yourself...
P.S. I also have a dozen or so names for my dog... noodle, pumpkin head, sweet angel, boo boo, bookie, doodle... the list goes on!

Liter - that's awesome! I would love to have my whole collection on wheels. Maybe I should start the monumental task someday... Ha ha. Yes, the dog names just keep coming. I go through phases with them, too. My youngest used to be "Noodle" but now she's usually just "George." :)

I just found your blog and your love it!! your pictures are so clear =)

I think the polish with the butterfly and the flower glitter pieces so extremely cute =)

shortwidenails - Welcome!!! I'm glad you found and like my blog. :) Yes, the butterfly and flower glitters are super cute, I agree! :)

This was an excellent way to show us soooo many glitters - I love the ones with shapes. It's like Lucky Charms on your nails.
Your Varekai is BEAUTIFUL! How do you keep her so white? Our white toy poodle has some staining on her face leftover from bad summer allergies :(

Andi - glad you enjoyed them all! I love the shaped glitters, too. It's kind of like decals or sequins but less fuss. :) Varekai is just naturally sparkling white. I don't do anything at all other than brush her. She used to get fairly regular baths, but truthfully she has not had one in quite some time! Maybe borzoi are just lucky to not have allergies like poodles. Interesting.

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