Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here is my latest TiNS manicure, The Snow Love.

I thought this would be appropriate because I wish I was somewhere where there was snow right now. I love snow. I miss the snow.

This is three coats and it applied very well. I had no problems with the brush or anything else.

It's a pretty unique color in my collection, being a very soft, almost white, gray.

It's like the prettiest, sparkliest, dirty snow ever!

It almost looks like there are tiny black bits very randomly, but I'm nearly positive there are not. I think the big chunks of clear glitter just reflect a certain way that looks almost black sometimes.

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gah we just got a foot and it was the heavy kind, not light n fluffy! this is gorgeous!!

These Tins polishes are all so beautiful!

Love the frosty look to this mani! :)

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