Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Hello, Friends! I'm back! Sorry It took me so long to get organized here. I tried to post last night but was so tired I could hardly see straight! I had a lovely time with my friend, when I wasn't at work, so thank you for all the well-wishes. :)

To start this manicure, I used OPI Cuckoo For This Color. I'm not sure if it needed two or three coats...I'm leaning toward saying two. It's a gorgeous dark teal green.

I added a coat of Funky Fingers Blitzen.

Blitzen is a holo glitter in a green jelly base. The green jelly base leans a little bit blue but it's definitely more green than China Glaze Atlantis.

Now, I do think the result of these two combined does look a lot like Atlantis.

My best friend got Blitzen and some other REALLY cool Funky Finger polishes for me from Pennsylvania. She also got me two Jesse's Girls and a Snowman! I'm so grateful to her for picking out amazing colors for me of polishes I can't easily get here.

Obviously, I had a hard time figuring out how to hold the Funky Fingers bottle for pictures, without my fingers looking all contorted and strange next to the bottle.

I think I've got it down, now, though. Just gotta sneak that index finger around the other side of the bottle top.

Blitzen is just so pretty. If you can get it, you should!

The next time I use it, I'll have to try it just on its own, I think.

I hesitate to say this, but I might be entering a phase of using polishes on their own - as in not layered. Currently I have on one polish on my toes and one on my fingers. Craziness! It's too soon to say for sure, though.

This last picture is my favorite. :)

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