Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Why hello, dear Dizzies! Long time no post! Sorry about that. I'm back with crazy snowy unicorns for you. I started with OPI Glacier Bay Blues. Gorgeous, subtly duochromed deep, cool blue. It flashes a bit green and purple and in real life, in the picture below, it was so breath-takingly stunning I only wish the camera had captured half of the beauty!!

Below it is shown with a flash, still outdoors, at dusk.

And here it is indoors, in my weird bathroom lighting.

Here's where it gets interesting! I added Konad stamps of unicorns from M28, using various light colors from the China Glaze Romantiques collection. I did a different color on each finger but it's pretty subtle.

I also finished with Shu Uemura Nuance top coat. I had tried to add little stars on the side of some of the unicorns with little success and much frustration. I did manage to get a few hearts (M35) by the unicorns on my thumbs, as seen below. The stars on M11 either hate me or hate the Romantiques! Bah.

It's a little busy, a little over the top, but I still like it. Unicorns will always have a place near and dear to my heart as I was rather obsessed with them for many of my childhood years. :)

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That is a very cute mani!!!

OOOOOHHHH I love the unicorns!!! I have that plate but I haven't tried them yet. :)

I admit to having a special distaste for unicorns since my sister was a girly -girl and I the tomboy. BUT, this is really cute. I need this plate. Thank you so much for showing this!

How cute! Love that shade of blue on you. My cousin loved unicorns when she was little. She had a favorite book to read about them. I told her to read it to me when she was about 4 and she did word by word. I was so surprised that she could read. Here comes her older sister and said "she can't read, she memorised it". Older sister was 2 years older and said that really sarcastically. I just about fell over laughing. Now that unicorn lover is a forensics pathologist!

awesomevegan - you should try it out and maybe you can come up with something more creative and cuter than what I did. ;) I would love to see it used more!

Mighty Lambchop - your comment made me laugh and smile, thank you! Ironically, I was also a tomboy...go figure, huh? I'm glad you like it.

Lucy - thanks much! Maybe us unicorn lovers are secretly highly intelligent. Ha! I'd like to think so anyhow. Cute story!! Also, tragic story about my OPI Glacier Bay Blues. :( It had an accident the other day, falling off a little table onto the tile floor, where it promptly shattered into a million little pieces and splashed beautiful blue polish alllll over the place (including all over my body!). I cannot tell you had sad that was and what a major pain in the rear it was to clean up. *sigh* In any case, I'm glad I got to wear it before it crashed and I do intend to buy another soon. RIP, GBB.

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