Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Hey everybody! I forgot to post these pictures yesterday of the same manicure I featured with the Urban Decay Meltdown, Sinful Daddy's Girl, and Sinful I Love You. They are taken in sunlight. Behold! The bottle pic is Daddy's Girl.

Bottle pic here is I Love You.

Here is a neat little combo I came up with using two colors from Hot Topic. They don't seem to have names, although I believe names are listed on their website. I started with a bluey, green, gray sort of duochrome polish. Looks cooler in the bottle, but still fun on the nails. I think I did three coats.

Then I topped it with bar holo glittahs - a polish in a slightly grayed jelly base.

It's kinda like a hairy peacock?! :D

I really loved this mani but it started chipping off in big chunks pretty quickly - within about 12 hours I think. :(

Maybe I'll play with my base coat/top coat combos when using Hot Topic polishes next time. Currently I've been using Sally Hansen Nail Quencher for a base and most of the time I use Poshe for my top coat.

I hauled today!! I got a bunch of Claire's polishes, three OPI Suedes, some others.....and.....*drumroll* the original OPI My Private Jet!!! WooooooOOHOOOOooo! I didn't think I would ever find it, at least not easily in retail. I also was able to use a coupon, so super score. I'm wearing it right now and will have pictures for you soon. :)

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Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures, I love everything purple :)

I love those purples on you, I really do. I was over at Walgreen's three hours ago looking at some colors and contemplating on whether to get Daddy's Girl or not. I was also wanting to get some colors from Hot Topic. I think the bar glitters are kind of scaring me a bit since they're out there even for me. I don't want 'hairy nails', although they look great on you.

Great swatches; I love the bar glitter!

AllYouDesire, you are most welcome! I'm quite the purple lover myself. :)

Samantha, many thanks! I definitely recommend Daddy's Girl. The Hot Topics are a bit of a pain to work with at first because the brush stick thing is really long and kinda awkward, but once you get the hang of it they are not too bad. They have such fun colors, too! The bar glittah is funky, yeah. ;-)

gildedangel, thank you! I like bar glitter, too. Makes me think of my beloved BB Couture for Nails Hollywood Junk! :D

i love daddy's girl, its my favorite sinful!
how many coats do you usually use to reach opacity? i usually use 4-5.

Love these looks! I'm so happy for you for getting the real MPJ. Can't wait for pictures!

Mighty Lambchop! Ack, I am so bummed now because I have since learned that I do not have the original MPJ. Apparently I now have what is lovingly referred to as the "dud" MPJ. I also have the one that flashes kind of blue but have basically no holo. I will post pictures of the dud, for sure, and it's kind of cool, but the search for the holy grail, erm I mean the real holo MPJ, continues!! *sigh*

Lucky you scoring the original MPJ! I don't own it but maybe someday.

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