Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Behold my first ever matte finish mani! I used one coat of Hard Candy Frenzy (it was opaque and perfect), one coat of Hard Candy Sugar Daddy, and then did a Konad with m61 and Special Polish in Dark Purple, finishing with a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic! Please disregard the blue skin - ha ha!

This design transfers and stamps so easily for me - hooray! My only challenge is in getting the placement and pressure right, hence some waviness. But boy it's nice to have a stamp that is super easy to work with. Oh, and I never thought I could get into the matte finish craze, but I guess I was wrong. I like how it looks over shimmahs! And it's just kind of fun and different.

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i love it.. so cuteeeeeeee

very cute!

Very cute!!!

Love this one very much!!! Really love the matte look also. I thought the waviness was part of the pattern. See, you didn't have to tell anyone that it was a mistake. Very nice nails.


Lucy, I am all about the honesty, certainly to a fault. And I also very much appreciate your input which reminds me of reality - something I definitely need to stay in touch with! :D

Thanks everyone!! You guys are the best.

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