Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Alright, Megan, I finally did it for you. I took pictures of my messy, crazy, scattered all about and unorganized stash. Well, it's much more organized than it used to be, thanks to the awesome Kup! I'm pretty sure that Kup's gonna be organizing it even more the next time she's around. :D

China Glaze.

Pure Ice, Sinful, Shades by Barielle, various babies (minis), Sephora, CND, Love My Nails (I think I see one).

Goldie, OPI, Sally Hansen X-treme Wear, NK, Finger Paints, Love My Nails, Orly, Claire's, Maybelline, Milani, CND, Cover Girl, Essence, St. Tropez, Sally Hansen.

Illamasqua and Lippmann (the ones I've recently used).

Messy, crazy stuff on my one little table.

New China Glaze glitters and Lippmann bag with Lippmanns in it that you can't see (about eight of them). Yes, those are yoga toes (or whatever they are called). I like to use them when I do my pedicures.

What is this, you ask? It's a bag with all my lovely Illamasqua boxes in it! The open boxes are ones I've tried now. Closed boxes are ones I haven't used yet.

Other random stuff on a side table.

Nina Pro Ultra, Shu Uemura, $OPI, Sally Hansen Salon, Sally Hansen HD, Icing, Essie, L.A. Girl Flare, L'Oreal, Hot Topic.

B.B. Couture for Nails, Nicole by OPI, Orly, Misa.

Nfu-Oh, Butter London, Anna Sui.

Massini, Hard Candy, Sparitual, Zoya.

Nubar, Maybelline, MAC.

Konad Special and Princess, Chanel, Urban Outfitters, Lancome, Dior, Delia's, Nars, Rescue Beauty Lounge, Laura Mercier.

Barry M, Color Club, Toma Metallic Illusions, NYX, Lippmann Collection, Wet 'N Wild Craze, Pure Ice.

There are maybe 15 or so that you did not see pictures of. They are floating around in the no man's land that is my disaster corner of the kitchen counter. I drop my purse in that area when I come home and I also have a mess of various shopping bags around there. Off the top of my head I have some Milanis (Welcome Back Color and Enchantment Halloween ones), MAC (two newest ones), Wet 'N Wild Fantasy Makers, Lippmann Rehab, Essie babies (the ones that include Mesmerize), and I think I might be forgetting a polish or two, but that's about it. Oh yeah, and about five new colors from Hot Topic that I picked up today!

K. Hope you are happy now, Megan! :) And yes, I know I have a lot of polish. Yeah. It's a collection, not a problem!! :D

6 dizzy comments:

I think it would take weeks to organize all of those! If I had that many I wouldn't even know where to begin to try to choose a color to wear! Have you counted them all? You should! :)

WooooooooooW! :)

that's a lot of polish!

OK, now I want an exact count of all of that LOL! You gotta lotta polish =)

awesomevegan and Colette - okay, okay. I will count them. I promise. TBA soon! :)

Your pretty organized. You just need a straightening up. Nice collection.

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