Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I tried my first NK polish recently. Have you seen or heard of these? I bought two while in Houston this summer. I found them in a huge mall inside a little accessories shop that didn't seem to be a chain. They are a good deal! Two dollars, I think. This is Royal Blue Frost. Not the most creative name ever, but hey, I forgive because it's very pretty.

It was a dreary day when I took these photos. I was trying to show off the shimmer above.

It's a very happy, pretty, showy blue to me. I adore it!

You might be able to make out bubbles in the pictures because my two base coats bubbled like crazy!! I applied both with the fan on above me. Duhhhh, not a good idea. Thank goodness shimmer hides many sins. :)

Happy Halloween, too!!

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That is a stunning blue!!!

wow! That is gorgeous!

I've never seen this brand. It is a gorgeous blue. Love the shimmer and glow. The price is pretty terrific.

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