Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I used to hate big brushes, and that most definitely included Dior's newer big brush.
 This is two SUPER EASY, dare I say MAJESTIC coats of Psychedelic Orange.  And yes, I kind of love that dang big brush now.  It just went on so effortlessly.
 The formula on this polish is absolutely superb.  It's a creme but with the tiniest amount of basically imperceptible shimmer.  The application, opacity, smoothness, finish, and wear of Psychedelic Orange is basically perfect.
 I've been on a bit of a coral binge for the past year or so now, and this color definitely makes me happy.
The wear time was great, also, thanks to my favorite top coat, Starlight and Sparkles Crystal.  I actually just ordered more of it today!  I've been getting a full week's wear out of nearly all of my manis now.

 I am currently sporting China Glaze Liquid Crystal as my mani.  I used three coats of the polish, one coat of Gelous, and a coat of Starlight and Sparkles Crystal top coat.  Application was super easy.
 I've been on a creme binge for a while now, so I wanted to break with a really, really good glitter.  Success!
 I tried to capture the really cool duochrome shift to purple and pink, but it's so tough and I was working with late day lighting in most of these.  I'm sure you can see it well enough in the bottle, though.
 I'm in love with this!
I still have some of the other Prismatic Chroma Glitters that I've not yet worn.  What's your favorite?

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