Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I was so excited about how well the Sephora X mani wore on me that I decided to do an experiment using just Sephora X base coat and top coat with another polish brand.  I chose Zoya.
 This is three coats of Ivanka.  I used one coat of Sephora X base underneath and one coat of Sephora X top coat over top.
 Ivanka is so unbelievably sparkly and dimensional in person and I'm sad I didn't get pictures of her in the sun.  Application was easy.
Well, folks, let's end the suspense now, shall we?!  Ivanka chipped within about six hours.  ;(  By the end of the evening I was peeling it off all too easily.  Conclusion?  Sephora X base and top coats are not magical enough to extend my normally craptastic wear with Zoya polishes.  Perhaps I'll try them again later with another brand.

5 dizzy comments:

Love Ivanka. Thanks for sharing your experiment! :)

i love it it's beautiful :)

All is not lost... aren't Zoyas notoriously finicky?

BeckBeck - yes, they sure are!!

I am wearing Ivanka right now too! :)

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