Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is my second go at a Sephora X nail polish mani.  I used two coats of Ice Princess here.
 Ice Princess is a mix of highly reflective and metallic goldy-green shimmers as well as larger chunky pink glitters.  It's a bit thick, so application does require a little extra care.  I didn't feel the need particularly to clean up, though, so that's an added bonus.
 It's quite textured, as I'm sure you can see.  I used three coats of Sephora X top coat (denying Gelous so as to be a Sephora X purist and hope for nine days of amazing wear) and it still was not smooth.  I can't do more than three top coats.  I just.  Can't.
 Check out how insanely metallic and mirror-like it can be!  And also how chunk-tastic, below!  I kind of loved and hated it, all at the same time.  The shininess kept winning me back, though.
 My pictures don't capture it, but the gold shimmer actually shifts green in person.  It's really quite interesting and unique.  You can almost see it below.
 As much as I would have been happy to have worn this for nine days, it was not meant to be.  :(  It started chipping - fairly big chips - in about a day's time.  I tend to have quicker and bigger chipping with glitter polishes in general, so I'm not totally shocked.  I was definitely sad, though.
I did not wrap my tips at all here, because they are so short and with the polish being chunky, it just didn't seem like a good idea.  Maybe that is why they chipped fast.  I do wonder if Ice Princess could work better and last longer layered over something else.  It's fairly opaque, so whatever it's going to be put over will likely only barely show through.

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I think this looks great :)

I am not a fan of gold but this one looks really nice...i just have a quick question..is the sephora x qdtc as fast as otd? I want to give it a try but I need to make sure it's similar to at least otd....

thank you :)

Zayra Giselle - thanks! Hmm, good question! It's not quick drying in the traditional sense (and I love that it hasn't shrunk on me even a tiny speck), but it doesn't take a really long time, either. I was too afraid to touch it after only a few minutes on, but my guess is that it's just a little bit slower than OTD. Both times I've used it, I waited a good 25 minutes before resuming normal activities, just to be safe, but then I was fine. I hope this helps and I'll definitely do more prodding and checking at regular intervals the next time I use it! :)

thank you so much for your reply...i am going to give it a try..i wait at least 1hr with any qdtp to resume my activities so from what you said i think it will be fine...hopefully this one will stop my mani from chipping within 2 days...

I love gold polishes and I think this looks amazing in your photos! The mirror like shininess is stunning.

Stunning! You might be right about needing some undies for chunky polishes....

I love the look of this. I would've done less topcoat and dealt with the grittiness haha

I think it looks awsome in your pictures of it!

Hi i absolutely love this, but find it very hard to remove..any suggestions.

Hello, Anonymous! I use what I call a "scrubby tub" that I get from Target stores for easier removal. It is a plastic pot filled with acetone and it has plastic bristles inside that you rub your finger against to aid in removal (especially with glitters). It's Target's generic Up & Up brand and it's a white container. Tenacious glitters are still hard to get off, but it's so much easier than conventional removal for me. I also prefer it to soaking or tin foil method removal (but that's just me). Hope this helps!

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