Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here is an update on the Sephora X mani for you.  I took these pictures on day EIGHT.  I ended up taking off Deranged on day NINE.
 I'm more than blown away by the wear time here.  In fact, to be honest, the last day or two I actually got very reckless with my nails and was picking at things (mostly my poor cuticles) like a naughty girl - I was taunting it to chip yet it would not!!  That weird spot on the end of my pinky nail?  It's like tip wear on steroids.  I wish I knew why but that spot always wears that way, no matter what mani.  :(
 You can see the tip wear all too well in these pictures, mostly because I'm angling to show it off.  In person, it was hardly noticeable.  I did have a tiny chip on the corner of my right index finger (see awkward picture below) that occurred on the first or second day.  Pardon my scraggly skin on that finger.  It gets beat up and picked on more than others!  I thought for sure that the lil' chip would worsen but it didn't go any further until day nine, at which point it went from tiny chip to small chip.
Sephora X, so far I am loving you hard!  I've never had a polish last even remotely this long before.

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Beautiful polish and crazy lack of tip wear!! Shame I get bored of my polish and have to change so frequently :P

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