Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Behold the new Rainbow Honey Holiday Collection!  I got these last week and could not wait to try them.  They are fantabulous!  I did lazy skittles, I hope you don't mind.
 Each nail has base coat, two coats of polish, and a coat of top coat.
 Glittering Rapture has gold, pink, and red glitters and will be lovely on its own or for layering.  The glitters disperse themselves evenly and nicely on the nail.  I did two thick coats here.
 Spirit of Wonder is snowy white with blue glitters and a subtle blue shimmer, which my pictures fail to accurately capture!  I was worried about the formula on this one, but truly it applied very nicely and gave me no trouble at all!  I think it's a really fun, wintry, snowy color and it's hard to find whites that cooperate in just two coats.
 Gilded Angel is a high shine metallic gold holo.  METALLIC HOLO.  What.  Is.  This.  Magic?!?!
 I'm not sure I can quite describe it, but Gilded Angel and Annual Emotion are unlike any other holos I've seen or owned.  They are almost foily metallic, but definitely very holo.  Someone help me out with my terrible descriptors!
 I'm wearing Gilded Angel for my pedi right now and I just love it.  I can't see the holo on my toes, but the gold is just super pretty and perfect.
 Both Gilded Angel and Annual Emotion applied very easily, just like the other two in this collection.
 You can pre-order now, if you like, and The Holiday Collection will be available on December 5 (click here).  I have to say, I'm really pleased with all four of these.  They are rocking my holiday socks off!
Rainbow Honey sent these to me in a really precious gift box wrapped with a ribbon!  They are now offering gift wrap.  :)  These were all gifted to me by RH, and for that I am truly grateful.  :)

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they look very interesting!!!!

Pretty! and your shorty nails look great in these also!

Those are all so gorgeous! It's looks like they have an amazing formula!

such a great blog!! great pix.


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