Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Forgive my relatively lame photos of Cult Nails I Got Distracted.  Despite the pic being blurry, check out how cool and holo-rific the bottle looks above!!
 I used two coats of I Got Distracted, a coat of Shimmer Glass, then a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  While they look mostly smooth here, they are actually pretty bumpy in real life.
 My wear has been quite good, though, so I am pleased.  I'm on day four right now with some minor tip wear.  This is a gorgeous and unique color that I instantly adore.  The first coat applied a little less than perfect but everything was just peachy by the second coat.
The base of this polish looked deep blue as I was applying the first coat.  The overall effect appears to be black with lots of green and holo glitter.  It's SO PRETTY.  Very space-y looking!

3 dizzy comments:

Pretty!Pictures are NOT totally lame...but they did get better from the first to the last, lol!

Gottwinkies - thanks! I tried. There was an appalling lack of sun for several days there! I think it would be much more impressive in the sun.

I'm getting Jack the Lad as a Christmas gift from Emma! I'm so happy!!

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