Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here is a swatch of Two Birds Fly-ceratops.  I used Revlon Haunted Heart (two coats) as my underwear.
 Fly-ceratops has big black squares, medium blue squares, and small neon green glitters.  It applied easily and I think the glitters distributed themselves pretty nicely across the nails.
 I apologize for the smudgy bit on my ring finger.  Apparently I did not wait long enough between coats and rushed my swatch.  In my defense, I was hurrying to get the last of the sun light.  :)
 I actually have Revlon Haunted Heart on by itself as my pedi.
You can find Fly-ceratops and other awesome Two Birds nail polishes on Etsy here.  Fly-ceratops was provided to me for review.  Thanks so much, Sarah!

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Ooh, this is super cute! Off to check out the etsy store.

This glitter looks great with the undies you chose! Love it :)

Drool!....love this!

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