Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is Cult Nails Afterglow.  I needed three coats here.
 This is a beautiful and unique shade of brown.  It has a coppery burgundy feel to it as well as being slightly duochrome.  It also has beautiful sparkles that look nearly like glitter in my photos!
 It's too hard to explain in words and I fear my pictures don't do it any justice either.  If you love warm Fall colors, then you need Afterglow.  It's amazing.
Sadly, my wear has been crapola on this, I'm not sure why.  One nail peeled off in a complete sheet and another nail has a big chip off the side in under 24 hours.  I'm sad that I didn't get to enjoy this mani a little while longer!

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GORGEOUS! So pretty!

beautiful color!

Pretty even thought I get shades of browns on and they usually look ick on me. I have the same wear issue with a # of Cult's I have too. Not sure why - I even bought their base and top coat (latter many rave over) and it seemed worse than with my tried and true base and top coat I swear by (orly Nail Armor - base, SV top coat and the latter I NEVER have the shrinkage issue folks gab about). It's like Cult is too thin in the formula to keep it from chipping a lot of the time.

beachgal - thank you! I think this one is flattering because of the pink/burgundy leanings. Most Cult Nails polishes wear good on me so I think it may be this type of polish finish/formula giving me trouble. I don't normally get good wear with jellyish-duo-glass-fleck sort of polishes in general.

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