Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Hello, friends!  I apologize for not having updated in nearly a week.  I've merely been lazy.  The pictures are backing up and I've got tons to post - now I just need to do it!
 This is three coats of OPI GoldenEye.
 Application and wear were good.  I did use two coats of top coat, just to be safe.  Lately I'm finding that I need more top coat layers because my more recent favorite formulas are not as thick as the old faves (Seche Vite and Poshe, for example).
 I can deal with another coat, though, if it means an extra day or two of wear!
 After I got GoldenEye, I realized I have a dupe - maybe even two, thinking about Orly Glitz and Glamour!  The dupe in question, however, is Sally Hansen Gilded Lily, which I bought from Target maybe a couple of months ago.
 Here are the bottle comparisons.  Looking mighty dupey.
 And here are some nail wheel comparisons.
 If I try to imagine a difference, it's that Gilded Lily might be a hair darker in color and maybe more reflective and shiny.  That might be due to formulation density and/or brush differences, though.  I'm gonna say that they are super close and you definitely don't need both.
I hope to show you my awesome and patriotic voting day mani tomorrow!  I'm wearing Shimmer Nicole over RBL Teal, and I think it's just grand.  Now get up and vote, Nation!!  Go!!

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You shouldn't have to say your sorry for posting such pretty nails : )

Thank you for this post, now I know I only need one of these!

I passed over this shade in the collection first buy - but when a couple of bloggers were raving over this and one of those really is not a fan of gold polishes, I thought maybe I should get it and give it a try as I also don't typically like many all gold polishes. This one is so not like any other shade I own. It's color is really pretty. Interesting you found another that in the bottle they look a ton a like. Only down side to this one is removal leaves a ton of gold 'things' all over my fingers, arms and anything that it seems to have fallen against it sticks to for days on end it seems

Love the pictures! Love the comp! Thank you!

Thanks for posting this comparison. I got Gilded Lily a while back and stared a Goldeneye for ten minutes yesterday thinking it was a dupe. Ended up not getting it and wondered if I should go back..Now at least I can confirm they're virtually the same!


Wow what a great comparison! I almost like the SH polish better

Loving Golden Eye! Its an eye catcher, but why not

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