Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I wore this fun and bright mani very recently.  I did opposite accent nails on my hands - so, right hand was all Illamasqua Wink except for my ring finger which was Illamasqua Jo'mina.  Left hand, which you see here, is all Jo'mina except the ring finger, which is Wink!  I used two coats of each Illamasqua.
 You with me, still?  Then I did a carefully dabbed on coat of Lynnderella Early Halloween over every nail.  That was followed by a zillion top coats and it still wasn't quite smooth (I'm exaggerating, but you know how it goes).
 I LOVE the yellow flowers!  I got one on my ring finger and also on a thumb.  I didn't get any orange hearts out, but could see one in the bottle.  I really enjoy the surprise of something unexpected hitting your nail while painting with a Lynnderella.  :)
 Please, please, please pardon my sore spot near the middle finger.  I had a cuticle incident and have attempted to fuzz it out so as not to totally horrify anyone, but you can still tell it's red there.
Early Halloween is awesome.  I love it.  What color or colors would you want to wear it over?

5 dizzy comments:

I like the accent nail! Really makes the manicure pop

This purple themed mani is adorable and very halloween! Love.

It's so pretty! I didn't even know it had all those shapes, love the yellow flowers!

no need to apologize...your nails and cuticles are alway lovely!Lovely mani

Still Love it!

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