Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 In this post you are getting two ways to wear Lynnderella Glass Houses!
 The first way I wore it was with Zoya Sloane underneath.  I used two coats of Sloane.
 Sloane is a deep vampy plum color and I love it for reminding me of Ferris Bueller!!
 Let's see, I believe I did two coats of Glass Houses over top.
 The look reminds me a lot of Fall leaves and Halloween candy all at the same time!
 Next is Glass Houses all by itself!
 I don't really imagine that Glass Houses is meant to be worn by itself (not that there are rules in nail polish), but I got the crazy idea to try it anyway!  I'm glad I did.
 I used four coats of it, the last two of which I used a combination of dabbing and painting motions.
 It was not perfectly opaque, but darn near close enough for me.  After I did this mani, I was unsure about it, but it did grow on me very quickly and I quite love it now!
 On top, I used a coat of Gelous, a coat of Pro FX top coat (that was very random of me and I remember why I don't prefer it because the brush is too big and the formula a little gloopy), and another coat of Gelous the following morning.
 It wore well for me for just about three days, which is terrific, and then everything popped off in complete pieces, which is a little disturbing but also good I suppose as I did not have to deal with regular removal, which I'm sure would have been a hassle.
 I wonder if it popped off that way because of my putting another coat of Gelous over everything later on after the Pro FX had dried.  But still, it held on like an iron champ for most of the three days!
Would you wear Glass Houses alone?  I really miss Fall in the north.  Thankfully it's getting to be just a little bit less hot here now, but we really don't get much of a Fall here in Florida.  :/

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I love Glass Houses, darn it - I wish Lynderellas weren't so hard to find and expensive! But it looks gorgeous alone and I would definitely wear it for fall!!: :]

The combo at the top is beyond gorgeous! I also like it on its own, too!

Really like it with Sloan under it. But I won't do the whole Lynderella thing - too much hype over it and too hard to come by - I hate to line up and do any pre-pay for them. There are maybe 2 they have made I don't get out of my mind - but others melt together with a ton other indies now out there - just Lynderella was one of the first to hit with all this newer indie small batch craze.

With ya on the FL lack of fall thing - I live further north than you do near Monterey CA - but it does not turn into fall but for a few weeks and even at that it can pop right back to summer in the middle of it. We are going to be in the high 70s today which is killer for me...hopefully the summer fog will hang and keep it cooler than predicted...so when it comes to fall fashion I dont get into it at all = love looking but no options to wear it - I tend to get going with fall in some red/oranges, some teals that are non summer teals. Liking the 2 new OPI DS shades - they work for me for 'our' kind of lack of real fall we both get.

I have the same thing happen to me, where polishes just pop off in whole pieces! I'm kind of morbidly fascinated by it and I think it's really fun haha. It usually happens to me when my polish is thicker though, so it could be all the layers of glitter + top coat put together that did it :)

Kelly - seems like they are finally getting easier to find, thankfully! You can actually contact Paul (the seller of the Lynderella store on Ebay) to ask for custom sets and whatnot. If he has stock, he is happy to do it. I'm really excited for the new Halloween collection and will likely be springing for it this weekend if all works out. :) They are expensive, though, I do agree. I enjoy them much more than most polishes in that price range (or higher), so it's worth it to me.

Shelby Swatches - thank you!

beachgal - thanks! That's cool. I know not everyone loves them or wants to go to the trouble to get them. I respect that. I would love to see more of California! I've only been there a few times and haven't explored much of it. Seems like a really beautiful and expansive state. I got in a swim in the pool this afternoon because I'm telling myself I need to enjoy the pool while I can, before it gets to be too cold. I do miss pretty leaves and the seasons I got when living in Michigan as well as Pennsylvania, though. Looking forward to checking out those new OPI DS colors you mentioned! :)

Laura - yeah, it's kind of fun, I do agree! Handy, for sure. Ahh, you could be right. It was pretty thick.

Your combinations are gorgeous! I don't think I will ever own a Lynnderella because of all of the drama and the expensive prices but I have no problem admitting they're beautiful polishes. I actually live in Southern California and we don't really get a true Fall either. It's still summer here with 90 degree weather.

Both are absolutely gorgeous and drool-worthy. They look fantastic on you...I love the Fall colors :)

I'm so glad you posted this! I've been pondering for weeks what to layer Glass Houses over.. I'm not particularly a fan of orange glitter but the iridescent glitters made me love it. I'll have to pull out something deep and vampy, perfect timing since I'm in a Fall mood..

very cool, reminds me a little of halloween

This is very pretty polish. I prefer it on it's own. I can see why it grew on you. It is so funny how that happens, I force myself to leave polish on even if I don't like it now. I know I might like it after seeing it all day in different lights. Also the clothes I wear with it influence whether it works for me or not.

I used to live in So Cal and before that the deep south most of my life, but I have moved to Northern California this year, and I am looking forward to watching the changes.

I will be posting pictures on my blog of some of the fall colors from the wine country, in case any of my readers don't get to experience them. The trees and grapevines are starting to turn.


Thanks to everyone for your comments!! xoxo

lovenailpolish - it definitely has a special charm and whimsy on its own! I know what you mean and sometimes, more often than not, when I leave something on I do grow to enjoy it more. :) I'm excited for you to see the beautiful fall changes where you live! I'll be checking out your pics for sure.

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