Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I needed a clean and simple mani the other night, so I chose Zoya Kristen.  I used two coats here, followed by Essie Good to Go.
 Kristen is always going to remind me a time not too long ago when I painted my nails with it, then dropped a bunch of cashews into the crack of my couch cushions, reached in after them, and immediately regretted it as my nails were not nearly dry enough to perform that kind of maneuver!!  That was a sad, late mani night for me.  But I can look back and laugh.  :)
 Now I'm wearing it for real, and I love this color.  It's so clean and serene.  Which brings me to the more important question:  what top coat do you like to use with Zoyas?!  I feel like I'm always asking and wondering this.  I'm yet to find the perfect one.  I used to use Poshe but I think it was not giving me the wear time I desire.  I've tried Seche Vite with mixed results.  Years ago I tried the Zoya Color Lock system (which was brutally slow on me).  I've done Out the Door, Orly In a Snap, and now Essie Good to Go.  I think I've only tried my beloved Butter London top coat with a Zoya once now, and have had bad results (on only one nail, oddly enough).  There might be others I'm forgetting.
Essie Good to Go did okay, but it's not that great for me as I had some shrink on both the tips and near the cuticles.  Maybe I should just thin it a little?  Thanks for any great ideas and recommendations!!  XOXO

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Kristen looks beautiful on you! I did laugh at your couch story ... I've done similar things.

As to your top coat query, I swear by Cult Nails Wicked Fast when it comes to Zoya. I tried it in April (on Kristen, actually) and I've never looked back!

Rach - thank you!! I'm not sure if I tried Wicked Fast over Zoya or not. My bottle is looking a little junky, so I'll thin it a bit and then give it a go next time around. Thank you so much!

Kristen looks beautiful on you! I laughed at your couch story ... I've never done that exactly, but I've done other brilliant things of my own.

As to your top coat inquiry, I suggest Cult Nails Wicked Fast. I used it for the first time with a Zoya polish this winter, and never looked back. It really changed my Zoya experience. I went from never wearing them to wanting to wear them all the time!

Rach- yeah, it was sad. I knew exactly as I shoved my hand into the cushions that it was mani suicide!! LOL

I adore this color! It's one in my collection I don't reach for often enough! I use Diamond Dry (you can purchase this at Sally's) and I had no issues with it!

Shelby Swatches - I will look for Diamond Dry next time I'm at Sally's. Thanks!!

I know you said you already tried Out The Door, but...that's what I use with my Zoyas. I don't know if base coat could be a factor too. I use CND Stickey for base coat and Out The Door for top coat, and they play nicely with Zoyas for me.

Kate - thank you! I had used Stickey a long time ago, maybe I can revisit it because it's amazing how just the right combination makes such a difference. I know I've not tried it with Stickey, Zoya, and OtD yet. :)

Such a pretty color

I have a few Zoyas and have had crazy results. Takes a long time to dry, but I adore their colors....I'll be watching this!

This is such a beautiful colour! I've only got two Zoya's in my entire collection and I didn't go back for more because I found that they chipped so quickly! It's a shame too because they have such pretty colours.

What a beautiful grey. Love it :)

I love this beautiful muted color :)
I had a lot of problems with Zoya but my current favorite, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (red bottle) seems to be doing OK with it :)

Oh my goodness, I hope your couch doesn't have nail polish all over it haha!

Zoya chips wicked fast on me too, and I haven't found anything that works either. I've read before that using 4-free base and top coats work better with Zoyas; I recall my Orly Bonder helping, but Zoya definitely does not play nice with NailTek base coats, in my experience, no matter what's on top. It'd be great to know if you find something that works out!

My go-to topcoat is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, the polish formula in the clear red bottle. You wait 2 mins after painting your nails and then put it on, and then wait for that to dry. It's not the fastest, but it's pretty quick and helps with chips for around 5 days, I've found.

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