Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Way too many pictures of way too pretty?!  Yes, please!
 This mani started with two coats of Milani Pink Flare.
 I was patient to let Pink Flare dry for a while before applying the next layer as I didn't want to have any shrinking or other problems.  I think I waited at least 30 minutes!
 Next, I dabbed on a coat of Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness.
 I used two coats of Gelous and a coat of Butter London P.D. top coat, to boot, letting some layers dry for a while in between.  It was really smooth in the end and I didn't have any shrink.  Hooray!
 I took these pictures in early morning sun that was very warm and golden.  In some pictures (several of the sunny ones) I have adjusted the "temperature" to try and reflect more accurately how the polish looks in most lighting.
 Also, you can't appreciate the full beauty of the purple-pink iridescent shimmer in A Little Kindness.  It's so very pretty in real life and looks more pinkish in these pictures.
 These are magical fairy princess nails if there ever were any!
You know I don't often wear light pinks, but this combo really has me pleased.

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Milani Pink Flare is stunning

I love this mani and Rainbow Honey!! <3

oh my gosh, this mani is literally stunning. i don't usually like light pinks either, but this is amazing!

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