Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I have to give myself credit here - this combo is really fun!
 I started with three slightly streaky coats of Essence Mellow Yellow.
 Then I added a careful coat of Candeo Zef.  I followed with a coat of OPI DS top coat and Butter London top coat.
 Zef is really thick, so I was worried about how it would apply.  I have to say, it actually did great!  The glitters nicely dispersed themselves for the most part and I really like how it turned out.  I used careful painting motions along with occasional dabbing.
 My friend at work pointed out that this color combination reminds her of the t.v. show Saved by the Bell.  So true!!
 I haven't done any actual nail art in a long time, but this type of look makes me feel like a cheater.  It's easy, awesome, cheater, lazy person nail art!
I think Zef will look fun over lots of colors:  light blue, lime green, lavender, soft gray.  What do you think?  I'm curious to see what combinations others come up with who have this!

9 dizzy comments:

Beautiful combination! :)

This is a cute mani!

This is a great combination!! I never would have thought to put Zef with orange, but it looks amazing!

This is such a fun combo!! I haven't tried my Zef yet because I can't decide on a base color, this is a great idea! :)

love this combo!

Gorgeous! I think it would look good over white.

Whooooaaaa! AWE-SOME!

i love this!!!!

I'm in love with your combo!!

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