Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Consider this a happy little fail.  I used two coats of Illamasqua Eclipse, two coats of Lynnderella When the Moon was a Star, a coat of Instant Artificials, a coat of Glitter Tamer, and finally a coat of Butter London top coat.  Not at all smooth and I had way too many tiny bubbles.  It was still pretty enough that I left it on for three days!!
I got lots of stars and a few moons easily without having to fish!  This is a beautiful dream mani and I definitely hope to recreate it more perfectly in the future.

8 dizzy comments:

Amazing combo Lauren!

" And I said 'how about Breakfast at Tiffany's?'
She siad, 'I think I remember the film'"

Couldn't help myself! Cute nails :D

Stef - thank you so much!!

Bailey - awesome and well played! ;-) Thank you!


Amazing! no fail for me. If there are bubbles, I can't see them at all :p

very pretty :)

estivalia, that's exactly what I am always sayin! Where exactly are these spoken of bubbles!

Estivalia and Anonymous - I thank you both and in my defense, I hate posting pictures that show bubbles so I try to pick out the least bubbly looking ones! :) Fortunately, too, with lots of glitter, shimmer, and holo, you can't hardly see them except in certain lights. I know I'm crazy! Crazy irrational hatred toward the bubs.

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