Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is two coats of Night Rider.  I have the corresponding eyeshadow, too, which I kind of never wear because it's a bit of a hot mess.  Flakes of shimmer gone wild, all over my face.  :)
 Night Rider a flakie-ish shimmer that reflects various pastel colors in the right lighting (as in, not the lighting you see here on an overcast day).
 I had had this on for all of about 12 hours when I got several chips!  Unacceptable, Nation, unacceptable.
I don't think I've ever personally experienced good wear from a Nars polish.  So sad for me.

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I actually quit buying Nars, just not impressed!

I only have one Nars polish.. The colors just don't really stand out to me all that often. Sorry it chipped so quickly!!


I don't have any NARS polishes, but I can totally relate to not wanting nail polish that chips on day one!

What a bummer, it's such a pretty color otherwise.

That is sad, but good to know...such a pretty pilish!

I love this polish! Adding it to my wish list!

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