Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Let's take a look at my new most favorite polish!
 This is Leighton Denny Your Planet or Mine.
 I ordered it along with a few others from the Leighton Denny website here.
 I actually wore this polish nearly three times in a row, rather unintentionally!  It's beauty is indescribable.  
 The pictures here are from three different and separate applications.  Most are shown at three coats, some at two.  It's very opaque and wearable at two coats, if applied thoughtfully.
 The application was easy, although I do think the formula could lend itself to bubbling if you rush through or don't use Seche Vite for your last coat.
 The shifts in color from green, to blue, to purple, are all so incredibly vivid and just awe-inspiring.  Sometimes the edges take on an almost reddish blackened appearance, giving such depth and regality.
 This polish is pure joy and love for me!  I first saw it featured on Lipglossiping here, and instantly knew I had to have it.
 I took so many pictures of this over the course of several days, yet still can't say that I'm satisfied with most of them.  I just think this is one that you really have to see in person to fully appreciate.
Do what you must, legal or otherwise, to get this polish, folks.  It is simply that amazing.

9 dizzy comments:

Whoaaa.. trippy! I can't even find words to describe the polish myself! From my monitor, it looks like an ultra dark blackened teal with a purple shift? Very cool (:

Oh my! :D

Such a great polish!
I love it!

You have gorgeous cuticles and nails!! This color is so pretty!!

That is beautiful. I love when duo-chromes have this smooth finish to them. This is stunning!

awesome color, how close it is to Essie's Dive bar?

hermetic - great question! Believe it or not, I don't have Dive Bar yet. You've definitely piqued my interest, though, because if it's anything like Your Planet or Mine I'm sure to adore it!! It does look quite similar from pictures I've seen. I'll let you know once I get it. :)

That is lovely! Really gorgeous piccies:)

So beautiful!

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