Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 It's time for more awesome Halloween nail appliques!
 These are the limited edition "Spun For You" design by Sally Hansen.
 I have to say that I'm mostly proud of my application this time around.  I got the placement much better than what I had done with the little ghosts.
 I did mess up a couple of nails, though, and have to start over using a new sticker.  Thank goodness for the extra ones!
 Also, this time around, I decided to experiment by using my beloved Palladio Fuse base coat underneath them, and then I top coated them right away with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  Normally I don't use a base and I top coat them after about four or five days of wear.
In some ways, the base helps right away when you're applying but it also makes it a bit tricky because you have less wiggle room to mess up and start over!  The base is sticky, so you have to be sure you're placing it right before you make a move.

10 dizzy comments:

those are really nice! I should have picked that design up too

Great mani!
I really love it!!

I'm not too fond of spiderwebs in real life, but I do love seeing them on nails! :)

Yup, these are officially awesome!

Dude. Those ROCK!!! :D

WOW! Looks awesome!

This looks real pretty! Perfect for Halloween!

These look great. For some reason, I couldn't tell from the package that the background color was shiny. It makes me like them a lot more.

This is gorgeous!

Whoa Dizzy! That is AWE-SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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