Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Wednesday I put on the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail appliques in Ghoulie Girl.  These pictures are from that day.
 For some crazy reason I always apply and place the stickers much more precisely and evenly on my right hand (not shown)!  Totally bizarre since I am right handed.
 They remind me of Pac-Man ghosts, kind of.
 They are super cute and fun!  I'm really enjoying wearing them.  I do have a few little dings and chips by now, but nothing especially heinous.
I have to say I am itching for a change!  I don't know why because normally I love having these on and wearing them for as long as I possibly can.  I'm going to try and keep them on until the end of tomorrow, at least.  :)

17 dizzy comments:

Yeah pacman! :D

Great job with those! (and they so look like Pacmen ghosts! hehe)

Aww, these are super cute. I've never worn stickers myself, but I'd love to try at some point. :)

Really does look like pacman!

Adorable manicure!

This is my favorite nail strips out of the whole collection. They are so cute!! I cannot seem to apply them properly and they curl. So I stay away from them!


Those are so cute!! I have a package of these, I'm afraid to try them for fear I will totally botch them! lol.

Super cute! These were the Halloween ones I bought. It totally reminds me of the pacman ghosts.

The little Ghostie eyes are watching me...They are so cute, but those eyes really do just stand out.

I love those, and you are right! they do kinda look like pacman ghosties!

OMG they are so super cute!!! LOVE!!! <3

Super cute! I wanted these but they had run out. :(
Maybe they have them stocked elsewhere.

SO fun!

Dude! Awesome! I love the prop too!

Soo cute! I was totally gonna say that they remind me of the Pacman ghosts tooooo hehe (:

These are really cute! The ghosts are definitely my favorite of the Halloween polish strips.

I love your little ghostie nails but I love it even more that you included Stitch in your pictures, that is just all sorts of awesome!! I just found your blog, not sure how I missed it before, but am living what I see already <3 xx

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