Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I've had OPI Yokohama Twilight (from Japan) for a while and have wanted to try it but never got around to it until now!
 I layered one coat of Yokohama Twilight over two coats of Zoya Caitlin, which proved to be a really great pairing.
 Caitlin is just lovely on her own and the application was most excellent.
 I was worried that Yokohama Twilight would be too sheer for me on its own.
 I have to say that I'm really happy with how these pictures turned out - all 800 of them (just kidding).
 Also, dare I say, this mani was even more beautiful in person!?
 The duochrome shift is nicely visible from blue, to purple, to pink.
 And the shimmer in the sun is just mesmerizing!
 I'm pretty sure Yokohama Twilight is fairly hard to find these days.  I ordered mine from Doll Up Nails, which is also where I got all my glitterbomb Estessimo TiNS from.
 At first I wasn't feeling this combo for some reason.  It felt dated and grandmother-ish to me!  Then, I really grew to love it and was very sad to see it go.
 I'm trying to capture the pink shift in the horribly awkward photo above.  It's more easily seen in real life.  Gosh, my fingers look mutant!
 I ended up cracking it after a day (or was it two?).  I used 2012 Prayer, which I got at a local Walgreens.  I've only seen those Crackles at a few Walgreens - definitely not all of them.  They have a ton of great colors that all seem to have Christian themed names.
Prayer cracked really well and applied very easily.  I love that shade of purple!

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Gorgeous combo! You always inspire me to layer my polishes, but I never seem to get around to it ><

haha I looked on the website for those crackles recently and they are playing off the world "ending" in 2012...thus the names. :P

Ooooohhhh... shiny.... ;)

I was good until the crack stuff! So pretty before that!

I adore this shade and love the Zoya you paired it with!!!

I loved the first 800 pics (lol), and then went OMGWOW! when I saw that crackle combo. I really haven't liked crackles but that look is beyond awesome

Great swatches!

Kuppy Likey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, that rulez! great style, i <3!

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