Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here is three coats of Diamond Cosmetics Moonsand.
 It's a lovely gray-silver-blue foil polish.
 It totally feels moon inspired to me!  Friday I was wearing my Dior Moonlight quint eyeshadows and felt all kinds of moon-ish.
 I'm currently on day four of this mani and despite a little tip wear and two small chips, it's holding up pretty well!
Later this afternoon I'm going to change the toes and tips, though.  The toes need it so very badly!  I hope everyone is having a good Sunday.

8 dizzy comments:

Pretty! Lol about the moon-ish!

I'm always sucked in by anything moon themed. I agree that this polish looks very moon inspired.

A really great polish!
I love it!

It really is lovely :)

Lovely color!


I love this polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love hos steel like and cool it looks.

Such a beautiful polish/color!

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