Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I stalked this polish for a while. I wanted it so bad! It's Orly Fowl Play.

I finally found it at an Ulta store (one far from my home) yesterday. Hooray!

Here it is at three coats. I absolutely love it. So much.

It has tiny silver glitter pieces, bigger blue glitter pieces, as well as gorgeous orange flakies.

And the base is a purple jelly! It's love. It applied perfectly.

I do have OPI Merry Midnight, but I wanted this one as well. I haven't compared them side by side myself, but I've heard that they are slightly different. I wish there were more polishes like this in other colors!!

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I love the flakies in this! The title of your post totally reminded me of Artemis Fowl, a book I read during elementary school (: Have you ever read it?

Eileen - I love them, too! No, I don't think I did read that one. I trust it was good?

This is so damn perfect on you!!!

Oh I want this so bad! Will have to check my Sally's~

Looks good :)

I love this color!! Thanks for sharing, I think I'll be adding this to my wish list. Very unique compared to what I already have!

So pretty! Glad you were able to find it!

O My...I love the flakies in this...so addicted to flakies anyway, but in this dark, rich color I can see why you looked for so long! Great mani

So glad you found it. Mine has been on vacation in Memphis since 8/12. *shakes fist at FedEx*

I would love to have this in blue and green. *sigh*

It's so pretty! Need. It!

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