Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I am so happy to say that I now own Nails Inc. polishes! I've waited a long time to have these.

I couldn't quite decide what to wear for my first Nails Inc. mani, so I picked two different 3D glitters to put on over black. I alternated every other nail with Bloomsbury Square and Connaught Square.

Connaught Square is the blue, green, and purple. Bloomsbury Square is the pink and purple. Each is shown at one coat over two coats of Illamasqua Boosh.

I used the Kensington Caviar base and top coats (two coats of top coat because these glitters at top coat eaters!). The wear was pretty good for me with some chipping on the third day (yes, sadly that is pretty good for me). I do feel the top coat dries a bit slow for my taste, but to be fair I will try it again and report back.

In the future with these 3D glitters, I will definitely do a coat of Gelous after the glitter and before my quick-dry top coat.

The whole "3D glitter" thing cracks me up because how are they 3D? But I do love them anyway and think that they are all pretty unique in my vast collection of glitters.

I got these two and several more Nails Inc. polishes at Sephora. Only certain Sephora stores will be stocking them and not all of those stores have them out on display yet (they are not visible to the public yet at my Sephora store). I'm really happy that they are available more easily now in the U.S.!

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wow these are gorgeous! Haven't seen swatches of these before. I have some regular nails inc but none of the special effects ones. May have to go on a hunt...

wow,,, so beautiful!!!

These colors are gorgeous. I agree that it might need a heavy duty top coat though.

beautiful glitters!!!
i really love the one with red!(:

<3 BB

So pretty!! I keep hearing everyone talk about Gelous. Could you please show me a link to a picture of the product or a link to buy it? Thanks if you are able to!

Both are amazing!!
I love them!!

pretty. I have been eyeing Bloombury square for some time... shame that they're so expensive.


shelo xx

I love these! How much were they?

Lesley - yeah, they are pretty cool! I think you would like them. :)

euzefelus_27 - thank you!

Yami - thanks! Live and learn, huh?

BeautyBehaved - me, too! It's more of a pink, but yeah, that's my favorite between the two (just barely - they are both so great).

Jacki - thanks! No problem. Here you go:

rock-or-not - thank you!

justasachildof10mightact - thanks! Bloomsbury Square is so great. I'm really glad to have it. Maybe worth the splurge for you sometime? ;)

Shelo - thank you so much!

Amber - thanks! They are $9.50 each.

Hi. Can you please tell me about removal of glitter polishes? I find it to be near impossible. Do you (personally) use straight Acetone?

Nadia-Francina - I almost always use a tub or pot type remover. I get mine from Target stores and it's in their generic "Up and Up" brand. It is acetone and more importantly contains plastic bristles inside that you rub your nails up against. It makes removal so much easier! Also, sometimes I will use what is called the tinfoil method of removal. For that, I take half of a cotton round soaked in any remover (Zoya Remove Plus is my favorite), place it over a finger nail, then wrap it snug with a piece of tin foil that I have cut to be large enough just to wrap around my finger a few times. I do it with all the fingers on one hand, wait ten minutes, and then unwrap the foils. Next, I tightly pull the cotton round off my nails, one at a time, removing the polish very easily. Then I repeat the process with the other hand. I hope this helps you! :)

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