Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This is two coats of Nails Inc. St. John's Wood. I seriously could have done with just one coat.

The application was great and I even thought I might have seen some glints of secret shimmer while applying...although it was late at night and I was quite tired, so I very well could have been hallucinating that part. :) I hope you'll pardon the scuffs as this is my second day wearing it and I'm sure I gave it a bit of a beating at work yesterday.

It's in the periwinkle family, which is beloved because it combines two of my favorite colors: purple and blue. It also reminds me of Eeyore, which makes me happy as well.

I took three rounds of pictures of this one because I simply cannot get pictures that accurately reflect what I see when I look down at them. I see purple. PURPLE.

At times it leans blue, but over all the color reminds me a little bit of OPI Funkey Dunkey, to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with here!

This last picture is perhaps the closest to being accurate, only imagine it leaning a little more purple. At any rate, no matter what color St. John's Wood is or should be, I do love it. Glad to have it!

And can you believe that I'm wearing just a creme mani with no shimmer, glitter, flakes, or stamps?!

11 dizzy comments:

ooh! V.pretty!

Wow...your nails look amazing and PERFECT in this color. Very pretty color and I do love the color, also!!

this is gorgeous kinda like parma violets

shel xx

Oh, I love this color!

the flakies make this look sooo gorgeous, i want both of these nail polishes now : )

in your nails we can see a naked man O_O

Anonymous - umm...I'm not sure where you see this "naked man," but I do see that in the bottle cap there are reflections of ME in some of the pictures. I was wearing a tank top, so I think my big arm is showing a lot in one or two pictures.

in 13th photo... sorry not in this post but in Rainy City Night post!

I love this colour too and the formula is perfection, a pig to capture in a photo though!

Anonymous - there are not 13 photos in the Rainy City Night post, but if you mean the 13th photo from the top, then I do see where again, there is some of myself in the reflection. It's fingers on my hand that is holding the camera.

Cali369 - it is great, isn't it? I was surprised at how difficult it was on camera!

This colour reminds me of Lapis of Luxury by Essie! I've used it in my nail art blog a few times, check it out! http://www.naileditnailblog.blogspot.com/

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