Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Faye sounds kind of like a Granny name to me. If your name is Faye and you are not a Granny I will go ahead and apologize for my generalization.

This is three coats of Zoya Faye.

I really love this polish.

It's so sparkly and shiny and just unbelievably beautiful.

Application was great although my wear wasn't the best ever. I don't think Zoyas ever give me really great wear. They're not officially crappy on me, just, I wish they were better. Maybe I need to find the magical combination of the right base and top for me, for this particular brand.

In any case, I love Zoya's great colors! They continue to please me with new and pretty colors that I want.

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faye sounds like a little carefree girl's name to me (:
that polish is simply dazzling

Ohh, this is very pretty! Zoyas don't wear well on me, either, and I've yet to find the best base and top coat combo for them. Hopefully someday...

How do you file your nails into such a lovely square shape???

Anonymous - thanks for the question! I usually file my nails with the polish still on them (before I change the polish color). It sounds weird if you haven't done it that way before, but it actually helps you see the shape better. I try to mirror the shape of my cuticle as much as possible and I go slow and check the shape often. I think it looks pretty good that way. :)

Noir Lacquer - rats! It's no fair for us! Yes, hopefully someday we will find magical combos.

:O this is gorgeous!!!!!

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