Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here is my feeble attempt to capture in photos, the awesomeness that is Ozotic Pro 503.

For my base color I chose Nfu-Oh GS-14 for its unparalleled sparkly holo goodness. I used two coats.

GS-14 is a virtual cosmos of inky black hawtness.

Next, one coat of Ozotic Pro 503.

I took these pictures indoors, at night, right after I finished the mani.

503 is a beautiful, lush, green multi-chromatic polish that flashes to paler green, yellowy green, as well as a burgundy sort of purple color.

The flashes are at times subtle, but generally quite vivid and mesmerizing.

Here are the outdoor pictures that I just took about an hour ago.

This is a good 36 hours into my wear. I also had the pleasure of doing some house cleaning yesterday, so I'm happy to say that everything is still wearing well so far!

The last couple of manicures I've worn I have used a coat of Palladio's Nail Brilliance under a coat of Seche Vite. I don't generally like to do two layers of top coat unless it's necessary, but I have to say that I'm liking this combination. Great dry time and durability.

You can't see the color shifts as well in direct sunlight, but it still shows lovely shimmer and depth.

I also really enjoy the holographic sparkles peeking out from underneath 503.

The flashes of different colors become more apparent in indirect lighting.

Here it reminds me of a blackened, sparkling Emerald.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures. As usual, I have included far too many. :)

If you wonder where I buy Ozotic Pro nail polishes, it is from a site called Picture Polish. Link is HERE.

This last picture is one of my favorites, even though it is a little blurry.

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Oops. Silly me. I just commented on the wrong post. The thing about greens and how great this was in the sunlight was supposed to go on here. Whoopsie daisy! This is quite a lovely polish, though.

That is gorge! You captured it so well!

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